Welcome to devserenity.com, home of the Virtual Places Enhanced Project.

This project has been on-going for over 3 years with the continued goal of advancing the Virtual Places platform through patches, modifications, and add-ons. To date the project has succeeded in a number of improvements taking over from where former developement took place in 2006 by a proprietary company.
Some of these include features such as larger avatars, Microsoft Edge Support, updated user interface credits to Mosh for the UI work, additional gamehead sizes by Panda (catie), Mosh, and Stephanie.
Other features include an Update Utility to allow users to download the latest updates without having to uninstall, avatar loading speed improvements, memory usage, power consumption, and the list goes on.

Please find the download links below. Should you have any difficulties please e-mail [email protected] or visit the Hyrule Dev Team Forum for support.
Special thanks to the Hyrule Dev Team who have aided in this project and others Nev, Dark, ism, Defrag, and iamryan.

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Please note: All downloads have been tested and is safe. Additionally, it has also been verified to work on the following servers: Yak Chat (yyc.selfip.com), Rolly Chat (chat.rollychat.com), and Hawt Club Chat (hawtclubchat.com). While it may work on other servers not included in this list we cannot verify the security of such servers.

Last update: January 2, 2015